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When it comes to selecting a firm to build your project, there are many contractors that can get the job done.  At Pace, its not just about getting the job done, we’re committed to doing more. 

It starts with the people; when you select a partner to build your investment, business, or dream, the key to success is your team. We have built and continue to grow with the most talented, professional, and experienced team of builders in the construction industry, and most importantly, every member of our team genuinely cares and takes pride in building our projects.  When you build with Pace, you can count on an experienced, dedicated and committed team partner to ensure success on your building project. 

It’s sustained with values: Service, Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Community, Sustainability.  The Pace team is 100% dedicated at every level to these core values.  Pace will provide unmatched client service, superior quality in every detail, unwavering integrity, the most innovative solutions to project challenges, improvement of communities where we build, and minimizing the impact of your project on the environment.

It results in lower project cost and the most value for every dollar spent on your project.  Through advanced project delivery systems, schedule driven methodology, efficiency, innovative approaches, and strong relationships with subcontractors and vendors, Pace can offer the most competitive pricing for top quality construction services.  Because of our corporate structure and business model, we’re able to keep our fees low in the competitive market. 

Then we back it up with 35 years of proven success building commercial, hospitality, education, institutional, public works, and federal projects.

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