Whitney Mesa Recreation Area


Whitney Mesa Recreation Area

This $13.1 Million project consisted of a 38-acre recreation facility on a 140-acre site. Some of the features included are interpretive exhibits highlighting the Native American heritage of the area as well as custom pioneer themed precast and cast in place play equipment; native landscaping, native re-vegetation, and rock restoration to all disturbed areas; an extensive trail system ranging over large elevation changes in the topography with varying surfaces including natural surface, stabilized DG, concrete and asphalt; a custom cut stone boulder amphitheater; an Olympic style BMX Course; parking and park areas; four buildings for concession and restroom facilities; a tennis complex; and day camp facility.

There were many challenges that were faced and overcome during this project. Due to unexpected sources of groundwater we worked with the City and engineers to de-water the amphitheater area and redesign the area with a concept more commonly used in the bayou; a stream that was expected to be seasonal had to be dammed and diverted to construct a major section of trail, the facility was punished by record flooding, twice, and we worked with our client throughout the project with ongoing design changes, adjustments and additions.

Not only was the project completed in on time and for less than the contract budget, Pace was able to provide an additional trailhead without exceeding the contract value.  Pace and went above and beyond the contract to provide a comprehensively new project by painting all of the adjacent subdivisions' graffiti covered screen walls and even rappelled a down the face of the mesa cliffs to sand blast and eliminate extensive graffiti damage that existed prior to construction. It was work that was not in the owners contract or budget, however we finished under budget and wanted to deliver a complete, new facility unmarred by previous vandalism.

Whitney Mesa is a special project because it truly creates a community between the many subdivisions, schools and other community facilities that surround it. Separated by block walls and busy streets, the many housing complexes in the area were not easily identified as a community. This project interconnects them with miles of trails, and the unique and diverse amenities provided in the parks and recreation facilities of this project draw the community in to be active. This project actually creates a community between once separated neighbors.

The contribution of this project to the community is clear by its use by the community. This facility is used during all hours of the day, and demand for the facilities is massive. "Whitney Mesa Recreation Area provides much needed neighborhood park amenities while still maintaining and preserving the beauty and integrity of the Whitney Mesa,” said Jacob Snow, Henderson City Manager. “The park also provides excellent connectivity to Whitney Mesa Nature Preserve as well as Whitney Ranch Recreation Center and nearby schools.”

Funding for Whitney Mesa Recreation Area was received through a grant from the Bureau of Land Management as authorized by the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA).

Other Info

City of Henderson

JW Zunino Landscape Architecture/Slater Hanifan Group

Las Vegas, NV

$10-15 Million

12 Months

Date Completed:
December 2012



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