Pace Contracting is extremely experienced with Design-Bid-Build Projects. This delivery method is favored by most public bodies and many commercial clients and has comprised a substantial amount of Pace's work.  

We are fiercely competitive, and any of our competitors will attest that if Pace is bidding a project they'll be sharpening their pencil. One key advantage on these types of projects is our relationships with subcontractors and vendors. Pace is superlatively fair and honest, we pay our bills on time, and manage our projects so that the entire team can be successful.  Additionally, we take innovative approaches to our work.  We don't simply collect subcontract bid. We plan the project and define strategies to make us competitive and offer the best value to our clients. Finally, we are efficient; we know exactly what is required to manage our business and our projects, and as a result we can offer more competitive pricing because our clients will not be paying for excessive main office overhead or unnecessary field resources.

We refuse, however, to fall prey to the typical design-bid-build philosophy that the client and their design team is our adversary. When we are contracted we are committed to being a member of the project team, providing excellent service to our clients and building the highest quality projects.



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